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Flowrate Measurement

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About Us

Rennasonic Corporation Incorporated in 2005, consists of the former Director of Accusonic Technologies, Mr. James Walsh. 

Mr. Walsh is a member of the International Electro-technical committee TC-4, working group 24 that is responsible for the publication of IEC 600041 standard for turbine performance testing.  Mr. Walsh is also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Power Test Code Group 18 that publishes PTC-18, the standard for turbine performance testing in the USA.  Mr. Walsh also is an active member of the International Group for Hydraulic Efficiency Measurements and organized the 2006 summer meeting in Portland Oregon.   The team consists of a group of engineers with several man-years of experience that can bring a practical solutions to complex problems. 

Check the following websites for more information : http://www.ighem.org/IGHEM2006/home.html  


Panama Canal 

Recently Rennasonic teamed with Alden, Cameron, Flow meter services to perform the hydraulic perforamce tests of the Third Set of Locks.